Mike Dawes I Rockhal I 14.03.18
5 Avenue du Rock'n'Roll - 88210 - Belval

Mike Dawes I Rockhal I 14.03.18 : Belval - Vosges - Sorties

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Mike Dawes I Rockhal I 14.03.18

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Tickets and more information here: bit.ly/2hnqn5C
Get your clinic + concert ticket here: bit.ly/2mblSgj

Mike Dawes (ENG) is hailed as one of the world’s finest and most creative modern fingerstyle guitar performers. His acclaimed solo music has gained over 50 million hits on popular video sharing sites and since the release of his debut album in 2013 he has toured almost every continent on the planet, with an average of 200 concerts per year. Mike needs to be seen live to be believed. His ability to create the most unusual tones and textures simultaneously from a single acoustic guitar leaves fellow musicians stunned. Bass, melody, harmony and percussion all seamlessly produced using his signature technical yet intrinsically musical guitar technique. His show is not just for guitar fans however, his entertaining and humorous rapport transcends the traditional guitar concert. His extraordinary virtuosity melds Monty Python with a one-man rock show.

In addition to the show Mike will also hold a Masterclass prior to the concert which will include an in depth look at his signature techniques as well as open discussion, Q&A and guidance on the songwriting process. Tickets to the masterclass also include entry to the concert. Get your tickets here >>> http://bit.ly/2mblSgj <<<

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Date : du 14 mars 2018 au 14 mars 2018
Horaire : de 19h00 à 23h00

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88210 - Belval - 5 Avenue du Rock'n'Roll
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