Hip Arthroscopy
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Hip Arthroscopy

Hip evaluation, Femoroplasty, Acetabuloplasty, Labral repair and other specific procedures

Hip arthroscopy is a highly demanding surgical procedure that provides an exceptional view of the joint anatomy and disorders. Associated with clinical examination and specific imaging, the technique allows early diagnosis of mechanical hip pain and cinematic evaluation of femoro-acetabular impingement. Moreover, development of modern devices has contributed to radically new possibilities for treatment of young and sportive people.

Performing the procedure safely and efficiently is one of our most challenging objectives, that is why want to share our specific hip arthroscopy technique and experience with over 2 000 procedures. The educational program "Inside the Hip" is our contribution to a better understanding and practice for all professionals involved in the management of hip pathology.


- Observe hip arthroscopy without fluoroscopy
- Discuss the subject of conservative hip management
- Observe a technique

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Date : du 22 novembre 2017 au 22 novembre 2017
Horaire : de 08h00 à 18h00

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