Facelift with Masters II
61 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt - 75008 - Paris 8ème Arrondissement

Facelift with Masters II : Paris 8ème Arrondissement - Paris - Sorties

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Facelift with Masters II

Facelift with Masters II is a 3-day training masterclass with the Facelift experts.
Hosted in one of the finest clinics in Paris, you will participate in the Campus Champs Elysées’ workshop with an exclusive group of your colleagues. Held at the Clinique des Champs Elysées, your three days experience will provide you with an intense and fully interactive training program.
There will be theoretical and practical teaching, as well as cadaver practice. This practice will facilitate your experience of facial surgery.

Horaires *
Date : du 17 janvier 2018 au 19 janvier 2018
Horaire : de 08h00 à 17h00

(*) : Les manifestations pouvant être supprimées, annulées, ajournées, prenez contact avec les organisateurs avant de vous déplacer.

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75008 - Paris 8ème Arrondissement - 61 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Date de publication : 22/11/2017