Nova invites: Dax J, Rebekah, Gary Beck & more
Wiedauwkaai 23 - 09000 - Saint-Jean-de-Verges

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Nova invites: Dax J, Rebekah, Gary Beck & more : Saint-Jean-de-Verges - Ariège - Sorties

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Nova invites: Dax J, Rebekah, Gary Beck & more


Floating through space without any given direction. Adrift in an unknown universe. Two vessels on collision course. A spaceship called Kozzmozz and another called Moonday. Suddenly it all becomes clear. A new quest emerges, to travel to a new dimension, hiding unknown powers. Sharing the same goal, the two vessels embark on a journey, towards a new year. A year that will be full of challenges, but every challenge will be rewarded upon completion.

Kozzmozz & Moonday present



Hydrogen room:
Dax J (Monnom Black. DE)

Rebekah (Soma, Elements. UK)

Overmono DJ set (XL Recordings. Truss vs Tessela. UK)

I Hate Models (ARTS, Monnom Black, Voitax, T/W/B, FR)

Twan (Madback Records, Rimbu. BE)

Spacid (Kozzmozz. BE)

Carbon room:
Gary Beck (Bek Audio, Soma. UK)

Secret Cinema (Drumcode, Cocoon, Gem rec. NL)

Nico Morano (Atmosphere Records. BE)

Goldfox (Forty Five, Studio Brussel. BE)

Lebawski B2B Nelsøn (Moonday. BE)


Artwork by Corbin Mahieu & Lennart Van den Bossche

Horaires *
Date : du 01 décembre 2017 au 01 décembre 2017
Horaire : de 22h30 à 07h00

(*) : Les manifestations pouvant être supprimées, annulées, ajournées, prenez contact avec les organisateurs avant de vous déplacer.

Lieu :
09000 - Saint-Jean-de-Verges - Wiedauwkaai 23
Contact :
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Date de publication : 27/11/2017