Open de France de Mölkky 2018
57000 - Metz

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Open de France de Mölkky 2018 : Metz - Moselle - Sports

Important! Evènement passé
Open de France de Mölkky 2018

Metz Mölkky Club will organize the French Open 2018
640 teams (2 players) max
64 groups of 10 Teams
Playing system: 1-to-1, 2 sets against each team, every team starts 1 set
1 point per set won
top 5 teams qualify for next round, other 5 teams go to 2nd B tournament
Allthe teams play
qualified teams (top5) are 320 teams altogether,they are in 64 groups of 5 teams
Again, 2 sets against each team, 1 point per set won
All remaining games will be played in best of 3 (2 victories needed)
In case of a tie (1-1), small points accumulated within the first 2 sets will determine the team starting the 3rd (&last) game.

More info, in FRENCH, here:


Horaires *
Date : du 19 mai 2018 au 20 mai 2018
Horaire : de 08h00 à 19h00

(*) : Les manifestations pouvant être supprimées, annulées, ajournées, prenez contact avec les organisateurs avant de vous déplacer.

Lieu :
57000 - Metz
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Date de publication : 02/11/2017